De Bedoeling vzw

Founded in Brussels in 2014, De Bedoeling vzw provides a working structure and studio facilities for artists, fostering collaboration on projects and curating resulting work into exhibitions and publications. The organization is also active in education, supporting artists in workshops, master classes, lectures, and mentorship programs.
Studio: Lehonplein 14, 1030 Schaarbeek, Belgium
BE 0546 823 543

Max Pinckers (BE)
Gauthier Oushoorn (BE)
Margaux Schwarz (FR)
Estate of E201 Rudy Latoir (BE)

Lyre Press
Photo Atelier
The School of Speculative Documentary

Past Collaborations:
Ingel Vaikla (EE)
Alexis Gautier (FR)
Sam Weerdmeester (NL)
Mathieu Asselin (FR/VE)
Quinten De Bruyn (BE)

Vlaanderen Verbeelding Werkt